Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Girls

Remember Us? Well we are the the three best friends you will ever find

I love my girls because we have so much fun together and frankly we dont give a darn what people think about us. We are...
-Really Good Singers-
-Fantastic Photographers-
-Frequent Movie Goers-
-Professional Bowlers-
-We are always friends no matter what-
One experience that I will never forget with my girls goes like this. My family went to Las Vegas in January this year and Anna and Sarah came along. We decided to go shopping because its Vegas and thats the natural thing to do! We came across this store called American Apparel and they had some wicked work out clothes. Because we are awesome we decided to try some outfits on and this is what we came up with (see picture below). I would say that we look dang HOT!



anna mae said...

Jammie, I love you too!!! (:

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