Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Four Years

Today Chris and I have officially been dating for 4 years. It all started on the night of June 30th 2006. Chris and I had just finished watching a movie at my house and I walked him out to his car so he could hurry home to beat curfew (keep in mind we were only 16 at this point). Chris got in his car and I reached in to give him a hug good night and I smacked my head right into the top of his car. Of course we shared a good laugh but Chris was very concerned. I was surprised that I was actually still standing because I hit his car hard!! We decided to give it one more try I reached in for the hug and Chris looked me in the eyes and kissed me for the very first time. Butterflies instantly filled my stomach and we said goodbye. I ran to my front door as fast as possible and as I reached for the front door handle, it was locked of course, and all my momentum smacked into the front door. It was basically like a fly on the windshield effect haha. I sat laying on my front porch for a few minutes not really knowing what had happened. Luckily Chris didn't see me body slam the front door. After finally getting inside I ran up stairs to tell my mom the wonderful news and all I remember is my dad coming out of a deep sleep and he sat up and said "I could have done without hearing that tonight" then his head hit the pillow again and he was fast asleep. Mom and I just sat and laughed as I gave her all the details. The next morning I woke up with a giant headache and a hefty bruise across my forehead. But I just kept telling myself love hurts :).

Now you may not think this is a very romantic first kiss story but come on a story like that could go down in the history books. Who comes away from a first kiss looking beaten and bruised but is still filled with butterflies?

Even though Chris isn't here right now I still love him so much and im excited to see where these next 4 years take us. I love you Chris :).


Atryell said...

Jammie 4 years holy lil smokies! thats awesome I am so excited for you two! I love it!

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